• School Health Services within Montgomery Public Schools strives to assess, protect and promote the health of students so that they may be academically successful within a safe, healthy, and nourishing environment.

    Some students have chronic and life-long conditions such as asthma, diabetes, anaphylaxis, seizures, obesity, and mental health/behavioral issues that can impact the students' ability to attend school and learn. School health services focus on the daily management of diagnosed chronic conditions as mandated by state and federal laws as well as to:

    • Promote health education and wellness
    • Prevention of specific disease, disorders, and injury
    • Assist students in need of health-related services
    • Assist students at risk for health-related issues
    • Manage and support students with special health care needs
    • Promote positive health and safety behaviors


    Program Services

    Health services offered in the school setting include:

    • Health screenings
    • Monitoring for the presence of communicable diseases and conditions
    • Ensuring compliance with immunization laws
    • Provision of routine and/or specialized health services and procedures
    • Medication administration for students diagnosed with a chronic or emergency condition
    • Work in collaboration with community and public health agencies
  • Staff

    School Health Services Coordinator

    Dorothy Rogers

    Administrative Assistant

    Regina Brown


  • 3060 Mobile Highway

    Montgomery, Al 36108

    Office Phone: 334-293-6531

    Fax: 334-241-5343