• Communication

    Montgomery Public Schools' Communication Office exists to gather and provide accurate up-to-date information to employees, parents, the community and the media.

    We serve as a point of contact for anyone needing information about our schools or who wants to provide input. We are a clearinghouse for a variety of information ranging from general demographics to specific program data. We work directly with local, state, regional and national media outlets to provide information about our schools and respond to direct inquiries.

    The Communication Office oversees the creation of many of the system's publications, social media, conducts research, plans special events and board recognitions, manages video production and photographic services, monitors website content, provides support to other departments and schools in their communication efforts and directly serves the superintendent and school board in providing communication services.

    The Code of Alabama 1975, Section 36-12-40, states that "Every citizen has a right to inspect and take a copy of any public writing of this state, except as otherwise expressly provided by statute." The Office of Communication should be contacted to gain access to or obtain copies of open public records and public information.

    For requests of routine information, please allow up to 3 days for a response. For requests of voluminous or archived information, the requests may take longer than 3 days. Every effort will be made to provide responses to requests in an electronic format. Any response that has to produce in paper-copy format will be charged the copy rate used by the school libraries.

    We believe that our schools should be welcoming places for students, parents, and the community.

    We believe that visitors to our schools should be treated as honored guests.

    We believe that our schools should work together with parents and the community to ensure there is a clear understanding of what takes place in our schools.

    We believe only with direct two-way communication can we accomplish our system's work - educating students and preparing them for life.


    Senior Communication Officer

    Jade Jones

    Communication Assistant

    Scott Johnson


    Kimberly Allen