• Career Technical Education:
    Investing In Young Minds Today for A Strong Workforce Tomorrow

    Philosophy of Career/Technical Education

    The Montgomery Public Schools' Board of Education believes that career/technical education is a vital and worthwhile part of the total educational program within our school system. The acquisition of work skills as determined by occupational demand is necessary for the social and economic well-being of our youth, adults, and community as a whole. The Board of Education supports and offers in conjunction with the Alabama State Department of Education, Career/Technical Division, those programs determined to be appropriate in its educational system. This also includes career/technical guidance and counseling services as an integral part of the total educational program.


    The mission of career/technical education in Montgomery Public Schools is to provide career/technical instruction to prepare students for life after high school, whether that may include post-secondary education, employment, or a combination of both. The Montgomery Public Schools' Board of Education recognizes the differences in the educational needs of students and seeks to meet those needs in order that each individual student may find a productive place in society.


    • Promote the positive image of career/technical education.
    • Provide relevant and focused professional development.
    • Maintain effective partnerships to promote development of Montgomery's workforce.
    • Provide continuous development of rigorous, progressive, and research-based career/technical education curricula.
    • Recruit and retain highly qualified career/technical teachers and administrators.
    • Increase the academic skills of career/technical education students.
    • Exceed minimum requirements of state and federal legislation.
    • Provide articulation with postsecondary education and employers.

    Core Values

    • The right to opportunity is non-negotiable.
    • All children are society's highest priority.
    • All people have equal worth.
    • There is virtue in all honest work.
    • High expectations drive high achievement.
    • Extraordinary goals can be best achieved by working together.
    • Progress requires openness to change.
    • Everyone has the capability and the responsibility to learn throughout life.
    • People have an obligation to help one another.

    Did you know?

    • One out of every two high school students in Alabama currently participates in a career/technical education program.
    • Career/technical education provides students with the opportunity to gain invaluable hands-on experience through apprenticeships, internships, and cooperative education programs.
    • Career/technical education programs are a rigorous, progressive, and vital part of the total educational system, which is committed to providing students with rewarding opportunities to learn valuable career and life skills.
    • Career/technical education programs show a genuine commitment to preparing students for their "lives after high school" by providing them opportunities to earn advanced diplomas, explore their individual career options, and receive college credit.
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