Charter Schools Overview


    With the passage of the Alabama School Choice and Opportunity Act, Act 2015-3, on March 19, 2015, public charter schools may be established in Alabama in accordance with the Act.  Under this law, a charter school is a public school that operates according to the terms of a charter, or contract, that has been approved by a local board of education and the State Board of Education or the Alabama Charter Schools Commission.  Locally approved charter schools operate under the control and management of the local board of education.  The local board is required to ensure that a locally approved charter school is subject to all applicable federal, state, and local rules, regulations, court orders, and statutes as well as meets the performance objectives identified in the contract. 


    Montgomery County Board of Education (MCBOE) is an Alabama State Board of Education charter school authorizer.  According to the above-named statute, as an authorizer, MCBOE has the authority to review applications, approve or reject applications, enter into charter contracts with applicants, oversee public charter schools, and decide whether to renew, not renew, or revoke charter contracts.   MCBOE can only be an authorizer for charter schools that desire to establish themselves within the boundaries of the local school system overseen by the local school board.


    2022-2023 Charter Schools: