The mission of the Human Resources Department is to recruit and manage a workforce of highly qualified and motivated employees dedicated to engaging, educating, and inspiring the students of Montgomery Public Schools.


    Montgomery Public Schools Human Resources Department strives to recruit and retain the most qualified workforce dedicated to supporting student achievement.  We will manage employee relations that follow all federal and state employment laws, as well as local education agency policies/procedures. We will seek and value professionals regardless of disability, sex, sexual orientation, race, religious belief, national origin, ethnic group, color or age. We want all employees in the organization to feel that he/she is an essential part of the school district. 

  • Staff

    Associate Superintendent of Human Resources

    Kim Gillis

    Human Resources Directors

    Deirdre Gulley

    Dr. John Johnston

    Ann Sippial

    Certification Specialist

    Stephanie Oliver

    Personnel Evaluation Specialist

    Dr. Vernet C. Nettles

    Office Manager

    Brittany Jones 

    Administrative Assistants

    Brittany Bass

    Devin Thomas

    Evelyn Williams

     Takita Williams

  • 307 South Decatur Street

    Room 207

    Montgomery, Al 36104


    Office: 334-223-6730

    Fax: 334-269-6100


    November Challenge:  Roll Call

     The school with the highest score will be visited by the HR team with special treats.  If the score is tied for high scores, the names of those schools will be entered into a drawing to select the winning school.